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Accessible Productivity

By Nidhi Kumari


React Brussels 2021

This talk is about accessibility and it’s automated testing. Accessibility is an integral part of our website that doesn't need any special effort but it makes our application accessible to special users who face issues while using our website because of some disability or impairment. Let’s take a deep dive into understanding accessibility and creating our own customisable server named pa11y to test the accessibility of your website. With pa11y, we can generate reports based on different standards like WCAG and the correct approach to fix the accessibility bugs.

Picture of React Brussels speaker Nidhi Kumari

Nidhi Kumari

Frontend Engineer


Nidhi is a front-end engineer and an open source advocate. She has been selected in prestigious Google Summer Of Code programme twice and has contributed to many open source projects in organisations like Ushahidi, The Tor Project and UNICEF as a developer. Nidhi loves cooking so if she's not writing code, you can find her in the kitchen.