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Be Qwik don't ship javascript

By Antoine Pairet


React Brussels 2022

Current websites and webapps are slow. Using current framework, we ship too much JavaScript, too early. Qwik is a new framework to build web apps. Qwik takes a radically new approach to web development and delays the download and execution of JavaScript. Instead of loading your entire application at bootstrap, Qwik will progressively lazy load your application as the user interact with your app. Qwik uses tsx, if you know React, you already know Qwik.

Picture of Antoine Pairet: Speaker at BeJS conf 2023

Antoine Pairet



Antoine is a health-tech entrepreneur from Belgium. He co-founded Rosa and currently serves as CTO, leading a team of 20 engineers. Rosa focuses on patients by strengthening health relationships. Beyond its online booking platform, Rosa is building a patient app. Before Rosa, Antoine was a co-founder and CTO of 2 other health-tech startups - DentiSphere (Dental Practice management software - acquired) - Medispring (Family doctor software, 30% market share in the southern part of Belgium) During his free time, he likes skiing and cycling. Antoine lives in Brussels with his wife and three kids.

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