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Disrupting Full Text Search Industry With JavaScript

By Michele Riva


BeJS conf 2023

How can a JavaScript-based search engine retrieve millions of records in a matter of microseconds? Why is JavaScript the right language to implement a true isomorphic application to be deployed everywhere, from mobile applications to edge networks? In this talk, we will see how Orama, a full-text search engine written in JavaScript, is challenging the search industry with an incredible combination of performance and developer experience.

Picture of Michele Riva: Speaker at BeJS conf 2023

Michele Riva



Michele is a passionate and experienced software engineer, Google GDE, and Microsoft MVP, working full-time on open-source software. He developed Orama (formerly known as Lyra), a full-text search engine capable of running wherever JavaScript runs (browsers, servers, edge networks, IoT devices, and more). He’s currently working as a CTO at OramaSearch Inc, the company he founded to develop the next-generation full-text search engine based on Orama. Michele is always up for speaking about software, philosophy, photography… or literally whatever comes to your mind !

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