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GraphQL Edge Caching

By Max Stoiber


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In January 2018, I was the CTO of a fast-growing startup with a very ready-heavy use case. Our infrastructure couldn't keep up with our load, so our servers were crashing almost daily. At the time, no traditional CDN could cache GraphQL APIs, meaning we had no choice but to build our own solution. It turned out that GraphQL is an ideal framework for edge caching. Let's peel back the curtains and look into why and how to edge cache production GraphQL APIs at scale.

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Max stoiber

Creator of Bedrock


Max is a JavaScript Engineer from Austria 🇦🇹 in love with React and Node. About 1% of all public, crawlable websites use open source tooling he invented, styled-components. Previously, he worked on JavaScript tooling at Gatsby and architected a greenfield React app at GitHub after they acquired his startup Spectrum, the community platform of the future. He also runs three products on the side, Bedrock, Changefeed and Feedback Fish, and angel invest in early-stage startups that He's passionate about, like Raycast, Upstash, Outsmartly and others. If he's not coding or tweeting, he's likely brewing coffee on his espresso machine (he's a huge specialty coffee geek), climbing in a bouldering gym or skiing around the alps.