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Ins and outs of how the JavaScript specs are written/decided

By TC39 Panel Discussion


BeJS conf 22

In this panel discussion we have a look at the JavaScript specification and how it is decided. We will also discuss the different ways in which the specification is written and how the proposal go from one stage to another. We are lucky to have the Co-chair of the TC-39 with us. As well as Romulo who is a TC-39 member and one of the champions for the champions to bring types to JavaScript. They are joined by Nicolo Ribaudo: A lead mantainer of Babel

Picture of BeJS conf speaker Romulo Cintra

Romulo Cintra

Web, Igalia


Technology enthusiast, working in Software development and Architectures for more than 10 years. Contributor in several Open Source projects, TC39 - ECMA-402, chair of the Unicode Message Format Working Group and blogger in part-time. Romulo combines a passion for front-end development together with DevOps and back-end skill sets. His biggest goal is to democratize technology, empower and educate others to build better products on top of the Web Technologies and Cloud. He loves and advocates for the future of the Web as a decentralized technology culture where all the globe is connected and accessible.

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