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Instantaneously interactive remix as a browser framework

By Shaundai Person


React Brussels 2022

Your Remix app is so performant that - even with a slow internet connection - navigation on your site seems to happen almost instantaneously. Whether rendered on the client side or server side, pages load data quickly and all the information you users are interested in is on the screen without the wait. But why? In this talk, we discuss the optimizations in Remix for data fetching and rendering apps in the browser that enhance both the user experience and developer experience.

Picture of Shaundai Person: Speaker at React Brussels 2022

Shaundai Person

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix


Shaundai is a Senior Software Engineer (Netflix) and TC39 Delegate based in Atlanta, GA, US. She is passionate about making programming interesting and approachable for all, and does that through her work as a course instructor (, co-lead for React Robins (, and technical blogger. In her spare time, Shaundai loves to go hiking, jogging, and listen to audiobooks.

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