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Astro: less JavaScript, Faster Website

By Elian Van Cutsem


React Brussels 2022

Astro is a static site generator which focusses on publishing as little JavaScript as possible, while keeping the developer experience high. Let’s dig deeper in the Astro JavaScript Framework.

Picture of Elian Van Cutsem: Speaker at React Brussels 2022

Elian Van Cutsem

Astro Maintainer


Elian is a Software Engineer at vBridge where he started a couple years ago as an intern. He has a strong focus on design, front-end development and cloud native web-applications with the emphasis on personalization and technical innovation. He is part of a community where he supports many companies in their IT story, and through his work connecting people, via the cloud and in real life, Elian is always available for a chat or drink. When he’s not behind his computer, he’s behind the turntables to give the people an unforgettable night!

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