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Migrating from state management to react-query. I’m sorry, what?!

By Adam Klein


React Brussels 2021

It’s time to admit - we were wrong. State management solutions are great, but unfitting for server-side data. Server-side data needs special care, like async behavior built-in, caching, deduping, re-fetching, prefetching, loading states, error states, pagination, and more. And us - we kept struggling with state management solutions and re-invented the wheel. The good news is that now we have react-query. And even better - we have hooks, so combining server and client state is easier than ever. Let’s explore this new architecture based on react-query, together, and learn how we can benefit from its flexibility and simplicity.

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Adam Klein

Co-founder, 500Tech


Adam is a CTO, a web developer and consultant, web GDE, and author of open source libraries. He is a co-founder of 500Tech, a company that specializes in frontend technologies. He loves coding, and he loves speaking about code. Adam is very involved in the community, and is part of the organizing team of Angular & React meetups and conferences in Israel.