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Synchronously Call Your Asynchronous Functions!

By Nicolò Ribaudo


BeJS conf 2023

With the advent of ESM modules, any tool that dynamically loads modules needs to do so asynchronously: due to its runtime plugins and configuration systems, Babel is slowly migrating from a synchronous to an asynchronous API. However, sometimes you really need your libraries to be synchronous: learn with us how we solved this problem, thanks to Workers and Atomics!

Picture of Nicolo Ribaudo: Speaker at BeJS conf 2023

Nicolo Ribaudo


I’m a developer who loves open source and JavaScript. I work at Igalia, where I help push the web forward, and I maintain Babel — the JavaScript compiler. I’m also a TC39 delegate and I’ve helped developing different JavaScript proposals over the years. When offline, I’m a math student in Turin, Italy.

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