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A Tale Of Two Webs

By Kyle Simpson


BeJS conf 2023

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Dickens' famous words in "A Tale of Two Cities" lays out a timeless comparison, the paradox of how the situations we find ourselves in can be both terrible and hopeful at the same time. We'll look at the web (past, present, and future) through these lenses, and hope to inspire the challenges and changes we should be tackling to remake the web into something better.

Picture of Kyle Simpson: Speaker at BeJS conf 2023

Kyle Simpson



Kyle Simpson is a Human-Centric Technologist. His mission is to show the world that the culture of empathy and relational information exchange are keys to unlocking the full potential of every human in the workplace. JS and open web technologies are among Kyle's favorite tools to augment human endeavors. Kyle has published 11+ books on JS, taught thousands of developers from teams around the world, and his training videos have been watched over 800,000 hours. He's always fighting for the people behind the pixels.

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