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The next level apps for Web developers Machine learning on browsers

By Erick Wendel


BeJS conf 2023

Artificial Intelligence is going hype and how can we Web developers be part of it? This talk will lead you to learn how to use Machine Learning in the browser with good performance and open your mind to ideas. You're gonna learn what is machine learning from the Web dev point of view and how you can empower your applications and creativity with it. You'll see demos on hacking games, processing webcam data, recognizing human body gestures, and much more - All using only JavaScript without a backend behind it.

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Erick Wendel



Erick Wendel is an active Node.js core committer, Keynote Speaker, and professional educator. He has given over 100 tech talks in more than 10 different countries worldwide. He was awarded as a Node.js Specialist with the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Stars awards. Erick Wendel has trained more than 100K people around the world in his own company

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