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Turbopack Rust Based Successor To Webpack

By Devlin Duldulao


BeJS conf 2023

Take a deep dive into how Turbopack (the new Rust-based successor to Webpack) came to be and the new incremental architecture it's built on. How fast is it compared to other build tools? Why does Turbopack change builds forever? Let's find out. In this presentation, I will show you the difference between Turbopack vs. Vite. What is inside the Turbo engine and the Future of Turbopack? This talk will present the latest build tool for the frontend. It is faster than Vite and will replace Webpack in the future.

Picture of Devlin Duldulao: Speaker at BeJS conf 2023

Devlin Duldulao



Devlin Duldulao is a Filipino full-stack cloud engineer based in Norway. He is a Microsoft MVP, a trainer, a conference speaker, a published book author, and a senior consultant at Inmeta. He loves going to universities and user groups to share his expertise.

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