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WebVR karaoke: an architectural case study

By Josh Goldberg


React Brussels 2022

Suppose you want to build an app with a virtual space to hang out with your friends. In real time. Over 3D virtual reality. With a synchronized video playlist. And Karaoke!? 10 years ago, you'd have been laughed out of the room. Today, you'd have plenty of premade opportunities on the web: A-Frame for virtual rooms; Socket.IO for realtime WebSocket communications; TypeScript for cross-stack type safety; React+Next.js for speedy reactive UIs. We'll spend some time together in this talk looking at how to mash all those wonderful pieces of technology together for a stable application. Through that exploration, we'll see how we can take advantage of the web's features and quirks to make our client experience feel great.

Picture of Josh Goldberg: Speaker at React Brussels 2022

Josh Goldberg

Open Source Developer, TypeScript-ESLint


Hi, I'm Josh! I'm a frontend developer from New York with a passion for open source, static analysis, and the web. I'm a full time open source maintainer and work on projects in the TypeScript ecosystem such as typescript-eslint and TypeStat. I'm also the author of the Learning TypeScript book, published by O'Reilly. My work focuses on bringing accessible education to the masses in a sustainable way.

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