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React Brussels 2022


React Brussels 2022

Bringing you the latest in the React ecosystem, REACT BRUSSELS hosts confirmed speakers, authors and core team members sharing about the hottest frameworks and the trendiest tech tools; joined by a wide range of developers, team leads, consultants willing to get inspired, learn and network!


suspense data fetching Tejas Kumar

Currently, Suspense for Data Fetching is released in React, but the recommendation is to use it only via libraries. Let's try to build our own library and learn along the way how this works.

Building end to end encryption Aakansha Doshi

Let’s deep dive into how we build end to end encryption in Excalidraw.

e-commerce storytelling Alexandra Spalato

In my talk, I’ll show you how you can achieve that by using headless e-commerce architecture powered by Storyblok and Shopify.

Instantaneously interactive remix as a browser framework Shaundai Person

Your Remix app is so performant that - even with a slow internet connection - navigation on your site seems to happen almost instantaneously

react is multi-threaded Nikhil Sharma

Workers have a bad rep, but can be an important and useful tool in any web developer’s toolbelt for these kinds of problems

less JavaScript, Faster Website Elian Van Cutsem

Astro is a static site generator which focusses on publishing as little JavaScript as possible, while keeping the developer experience high. Let’s dig deeper in the Astro JavaScript Framework.

Be Qwik dont ship javascript Antoine Pairet

Using current framework, we ship too much JavaScript, too early. Qwik is a new framework to build web apps

Simplifying reactivity with solidJS Dan Jutan

React provides everything you need to build interactive apps, but managing state, dependencies, and memorization in React's rendering system can lead to a lot of mental overhead.

Testing web applications with playwright Debbie Obrien

Testing is hard, testing takes time to learn and to write, and time is money. As developers we want to test. We know we should but we don't have time. So how can we get more developers to do testing? We can create better tools.

Remixing Usability with performance Atila Fassina

Remember when loading status and pending states were the pinnacle of user experience? What if I told you there's a viable alternative that will make you look you don't even have a backend roundtrip going?

Rebranding in secret with feature flags Kathleen McMahon

This talk will reduce the barrier for developers that want to integrate a brand refresh into a product and retain their teams' feature and velocity goals.

Build undo/redo in a multiplayer environment Steven Fabre

In this talk, Steven gives practical tips to build world-class multiplayer undo/redo experiences in React.

Swiss army knife in your browser Dominika Zając

Almost every web developer sooner or later encounters Chrome DevTools - a set of tools built into the browser that allow you to view the DOM structure, styling or requests sent by our application.

Deep diving concurrent react Matheus Albuquerque

Writing fluid user interfaces becomes more and more challenging as the application complexity increases. In this talk, we’ll explore how proper scheduling improves your app’s experience by diving into some of the concurrent React features, understanding their rationales, and how they work under the hood.

Goodbye, useEffect David Khourshid

From fetching data to fighting with imperative APIs, side effects are one of the biggest sources of frustration in web app development. And let’s be honest, putting everything in useEffect hooks doesn’t help much.

WebVR karaoke: an architectural case study Josh Goldberg

Suppose you want to build an app with a virtual space to hang out with your friends. In real time. Over 3D virtual reality. With a synchronized video playlist. And Karaoke?