React Brussels 2021 - Online Edition


React Components Anti-patterns - By Radoslav Stankov

React ecosystem is moving to maturity. Over the years, I have tried a lot of things around organizing and implementing React components. In the talk, I will share a common set of anti-patterns and how to avoid them.

Create an Application Backend in Clicks with the Amplify Admin UI Ali Spittel

There's a lot that goes into building a modern application: the frontend for users, data persistence, user authentication and authorization, business logic, cloud deployment, and much more. The AWS Amplify Admin UI allows users to create and deploy an offline-ready application backend in clicks and then extend it with code, lowering the complexity of fullstack development for frontend and mobile developers. We'll build a fullstack application backed by multiple AWS services including Cognito, Appsync, and S3 in minutes.

Migrating from state management to react-query Adam Klein

Server-side data needs special care, like async behavior built-in, caching, deduping, re-fetching, prefetching, loading states, error states, pagination, and more.

Getting Personal with Ecommerce React Colby Fayock

Ecommerce depends on highly dynamic solutions personalizing experiences for customers from the price of a product to the total cost of that customer’s shopping cart. How can we leverage React and tools like Next.js to bring that dynamic experience to the static web? In this talk, we’ll explore the challenges of ecommerce in a static world. We’ll talk about what tools are available to us and how we can take advantage of them to build dynamic web apps with a practical example of a Next.js app.

Destructuring frontend monoliths with Microfrontends Trishul Goel

With Microfrontends we break this monolith into smaller independent apps. These apps are developed independently but stitched as a SPA on the fly with all the goodies of client-side javascript.

Internationalizing React Daria Caraway

Learning 100 different languages is challenging, but architecting your React app to support 100 languages doesn’t have to be. As your web application grows to a global audience, multilingual functionality becomes increasingly essential. So, how do you design your code such that it is flexible enough to include all of your international users? In this talk, we will explore what it means and what it looks like to build a React app that supports internationalization (i18n). You will learn several different strategies for locale-proofing your application with React contexts and custom hooks.

GraphQL Edge Caching Max Stoiber

In January 2018, I was the CTO of a fast-growing startup with a very ready-heavy use case. Our infrastructure couldn't keep up with our load, so our servers were crashing almost daily. At the time, no traditional CDN could cache GraphQL APIs, meaning we had no choice but to build our own solution. It turned out that GraphQL is an ideal framework for edge caching. Let's peel back the curtains and look into why and how to edge cache production GraphQL APIs at scale.

Increase your productivity with contract-first development methodology Victor Bury

Have you ever used contract-first development to speed up your productivity and avoid bugs? Contract like open api specification is more than a documentation. It gives clarity to your team on how to imagine and build a new feature of your product. You can also use tool like Orval to generate your models, HTTP calls and mocks which give you more time to be focused on other requirements

Web for Everyone Accessibility with React Manjula Dube

With the growing community and great tutorials, it’s fairly easy nowadays to start building web applications with React. However, the vital aspect of accessibility is often missing which leads to web applications creating exclusions. Nothing in React prevents us from building accessible web experiences, but we need to learn to harness its power in the right way while dealing with some unique challenges caused by creating web pages with JavaScript. This talk will focus on how to solve these issues in the context of React. It’ll also emphasize why it is important to build accessible web apps. In the end, I will also share some cool things that chrome dev tools provide you in order to make your web app more accessible.

test your serverless applications Talia Nassi

My talk is about the best practices of testing your serverless applications. Serverless technologies reduce the complexity of your applications by taking care of infrastructure and server management. The main benefits of coming here will be to learn how to overcome the challenges of testing in a serverless architecture, and how to efficiently test your Lambda functions, including unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing.

Accessible Productivity Nidhi Kumari

This talk is about accessibility and it’s automated testing. Accessibility is an integral part of our website that doesn't need any special effort but it makes our application accessible to special users who face issues while using our website because of some disability or impairment. Let’s take a deep dive into understanding accessibility and creating our own customisable server named pa11y to test the accessibility of your website. With pa11y, we can generate reports based on different standards like WCAG and the correct approach to fix the accessibility bugs.

Continuous learning How to get comfortable with feedback at work Nazanin Delam

In this talk, I will walk you through tips I learned during my career in tech to not only welcome feedback but also be driven by feedback and leverage constructive feedback for your grow.

Build Fullstack Apps in Record Time with Blitz.js Brandon Bayer

Blitz.js is the Fullstack React Framework. It's heavily inspired by Ruby on Rails and is focused on making you as productive as possible.

Jamstack for developers & business users Arisa Fukuzaki

Experience a combination of a blazing-fast React-based framework (Gatsby) and the headless CMS (Storyblok) that works for developers & business users.

React Bricks a CMS with visual editing Matteo Frana

Headless CMSs are great for developers, but not for content creators. React Bricks leverage a powerful React library to make the Content creators dream possible: true Visual editing with your own design system.